[LDPartEditor] 0.8.4 Beta Released

Re: [LDPartEditor] 0.8.4 Beta Released
Yes, that was a hard one to find out. Press middle mouse button (scroll wheel) and drag it into position.

I even had to buy a new mouse since my old one had a very hard button.
It hurt my finger tip and it broke down after some weeks intence use.

Willy Tschager Wrote:* Copy, Paste, Cut, in right-click contextual menu in the text and 3D editor
* It's still hard to spot when a button is pressed so making the light blue a bit darker would help
* I'm somehow lost on the project, dat-file loading saving, save the new file thing. Any help is appreciated
* Have an equivalent of the "Show selection in 3D View" button in the 3D editor. The "Show selection in Text Editor" is too many clicks/howerings away
* A button the restore the default settings for the coarse, middle, fine grid in the snapping tap
* Inliner in 3D editor
I agree on all of the above.

I too struggle to understand the file management idea. All I wanna do is inline a file/prim/sub or select code, and make a new subfile. The project manager doesn't seem to recognice any other file or folder outside the official/unofficial parts folder. If I choose to open a part in a folder that is not scanned by LPE, it simply ignores or doesn't find my allready existing, good file structure.

* I'm able to have many files open in the text editor, but how do I switch between them in the 3D editor?
* I want LPE to remember the last visited folder.
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