LDView camera requests

LDView camera requests
1. Travis, could you maybe add a "Walk mode" with standard first-person shooter controls? You could maybe replace the "Fly-through" mode since it's not quite as useful.
2. The "w" key in "Fly-through" mode is way too sensitive when viewing large models. If you just tap it it jumps waaay far ahead. Could you set it to a fixed speed regardless of size, or make it adjustable? (Also see number 4.)
3. Please, please, please add an option to zoom all the way in to the center in "Examine mode".
4. Could you make it so we can adjust the camera speeds ourselves? This would sorta be like adjusting the step sizes in MLCad.

So much thanks!


5. Allow us to plug our own camera and light positions and save them to a "Preference set".
6. An Orthographic mode.
7. Could you please add some crosshairs to the center of the screen so we know exactly where we're aiming the camera?
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