LDraw MIME types

LDraw MIME types
I noticed LDraw hasn't have very 'official' mimetypes yet. It's only mentioned on a page from the old site:


And the mpd one is different from the one the Linux version of LDView defines. This while the LDView package (I assume) is more common then the suggested Apache settings.

I think we sould therefore make the LDView ones official and maybe add one for the dat's although .dat is a very commen extension.

This gives:

ldr -> "application/x-ldraw"
mpd -> "application/x-multipart-ldraw"

Or should we go with a single mime type e.g. "text/x-ldraw" as the extension alone does not determine the nature of a LDraw file anyway. This would break the LDView packages though but I think it's the only software out there using it at the moment.

edit: Might be better to go just with "application/x-ldraw" for all extensions and 'depreciate' the "application/x-multipart-ldraw" one.
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