Pirates and belt buckles

Re: Pirates and belt buckles
Yes, finding the same colour again turned out a bit more difficult than expected.
It turns out that you can't use the RGB values of todays ldconfig to recreate a new code for the same colour that a ditherd code represents.
I had to use the original RGB values found here


As a result of that I desided to abandon the old code, and started looking att pictures of real parts.

[Image: use1.jpg]

This is one of the best I could find. IMO, 484, Dark Orange, gives the best overall result.
Maybe the one with blue jacket and the one with a brown vest should have a darker shade of brown.
Any suggestions?

All of the torsos with brown belts used the same dithered code, 486.
The brown vest used dithered code 358, which is a mix of brown (6) and brown (6) and doesn't make sense.
If you blend brown with brown the resulting colour must be brown too.....
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