Find out what parts in LDD convert tot LDraw

Re: Find out what parts in LDD convert tot LDraw
Hi Jaco,

very nice to see I'm not the only one struggling with Ldraw.xml ;-)
I am currently working on converting several scenes of 10K+ parts LDD to Ldraw and considering the huge amount of parts it does pretty well, but of course eventually even 1 missing can be a problem.
I recently fixed around 20 parts or so and then decided to create a tutorial for fixing the Ldraw.xml file to put on my website and concurrently allow people to submit fixed parts so that I could -after checking them- update the xml file and allow everyone to always get a daily fresh Ldraw file.
Unfortunately I stumbled into a few problems that I couldn't solve, so my tutorial got stucked since I don't feel like teaching something if I am not mastering at 100%.

Here are my issues:
1) When it comes to fixing x,y,z positions that's a piece of cake. When it comes to fixing single axis rotations that's also not difficult. But I currently haven't figured out a way to fix parts that needs to be rotated around more than 1 axis. Can you or someone else explain me how this can be done? By looking some of the parts in the current xml file which have very toxic angle corrections it sounds to me like there must be a more scientific way to compute them rather than just trial and error...

2) For some reason I can simply not get some parts to convert. This is really weird because for example among the Technic Flex-System hoses I was able to successfully add quite some parts of specific lengths, but some other lengths simply don't get converted. Have you already run into this issue? Somebody has any clue how to fix it?

3) I saw this LDDMaker popping up in this thread which I understood could somehow help but couldn't get it to work because as soon as I load a .dat file I start getting error messages. I am also not 100% clear whether and how this software could help to speed up the parts location problem.

Well, since we are not many working on this, let's join our forces ;-)


- Mattia
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