Questions regarding stickers

Questions regarding stickers
Hi everyone,

Recently, I decided to submit some of my own parts to the part tracker. Some of them are stickers, for set 70816.
I know that almost all of them do not meet the standard because of some choices I made when authoring them.

-First, a lot of them are flat but due to fit on sloped parts. I created them bended and right in place regarding the part associated.
I know it's a violation to the standard, but if I modify them and make them flat and horizontal, It then very difficult to place them correctly on the model later. It was a concious choice because of the sole usage of these stickers on this very set.

-Two, some of them are formed stickers due to fit on curved parts, so, consciously, I added conditional lines to the stickers, even if I knew it's another violation to the standard. Removing cond lines will ruin the renders in Pov ray.

So, I want to know if these stickers can be removed from the parts tracker, as I dont really want to correct these issues. corrections will make them totally useless for me.

I know I should have asked all these questions before submitting. I'm very sorry for inconvenience.

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