LDCad 1.5 Alpha 1 (win+linux)

Re: LDCad 1.5 Alpha 1 (win+linux)
Roland Melkert Wrote:
Milan Vančura Wrote:* "color arrows hot keys": using 'p' in move mode one can see a cross of arrows and the "toolbox arrow" in the third direction. I wish those arrows were colored (red, green blue) and there were hotkeys for move in red, green and blue directions. This speeds up the final positioning of the brick. These keys should work regardless of the mode (move/rotation), CTRL+those keys for rotations around those color arrows.
New in 1.5 is the option to do keyboard move's while the pin is in rotation mode by using ctrl+arrows. You can also disable the projection mapping so up/down is always the y-axis etc. I like the color coding suggestion might take that up in a future version.

Thanks for your input.

Will this also work the other way around, i.e. using CTRL+arrow keys for rotation when in move mode? That's something I'm really missing in the current version.
And can you add a hotkey for resetting the editing plane back to absolute space? Right now the only way I see to do that is to click through to some sub-menu, which is kind of annoying. Wink

Apart from that, thanks for your great work, I really like using LDCad.
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