LDCad 1.5 progress / opinions req

Re: LDCad 1.5 progress / opinions req
After observing the great development of your SW, I have to admit I did not browse all threads, so may be the question has been asked already:

When flexible parts are used, I am always having the issue of determining the proper length of the part. I have put this up with LSYNTH once here. Now I saw that you have the line within the file that reads:

0 // The path is approx 88.761183 mm (221.90) and exists out of 40 segments.

I'm very happy to see this! So LDCad is calculating the length already. Would it be possible to limit this lenght? I.e. if you insert a flex axle they have a specific lenght and it would be good to see them shaped with their original length displayed.

Second point would be a nice cable management.
- Once to have a flex part that has a lenght of e.g. 25 studs and can only be routed with this constraint.
- Secondly to have options for one and the same cable. I mean that during building you need to re-route the cable probably.
- I did this with the MLCAD GROUP command within LPUB. I created submodels of a certain length which I then swapped with the help of the LPUB REMOVE GROUP command adn inserted the next submodel. That is quite hard to manage and some assistance by the editor would be really great.

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