LDCad 1.5 progress / opinions req

Re: LDCad 1.5 progress / opinions req
Roland Melkert Wrote:Yes, and the fun thing about the LDCad group next meta's is they currently only get moved / added to the correct place at save time. So I'm thinking to just remove/hide them from the source window all together as they aren't interesting during editing anyhow.
It makes (a lot of) sense!

Speaking of groups, I have encountered situations where I needed to change orientation or position of a part within a group. Maybe I missed something, but I found no other way but ungrouping to make the modification. What about a "nested mode for groups" or at least possibility to remove from group the part which was used to select group?

Quote:I'm currently not really familiar with LPUB but adding parse level awareness support for it shouldn't be a big problem. Maybe even apply that rotation information in a new special part bin building group or something.
Strictly speaking ROTSTEP is not a LPUB command but a very old meta (I believe it was introduced by LDlite, and further extended by MLCad - See www.lm-software.com/mlcad/Specification_V2.0.pdf ) to set orientation of a model in view mode. So I guess it might be interesting to support it in LDCad view mode?
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