LDCad 1.5 progress / opinions req

Re: LDCad 1.5 progress / opinions req
Looks good indeed, but I can feel your pain about coherency between text and 3DView. I guess that the worse is for metas that are somehow linked to following parts such as BFC INVERTNEXT (not so annoying here since you don't make a parts editor) or GROUP metas.
Quote:I'm just not sure how to handle lines which can't be selected in the 3D view
I feel that text view selection is a superset of 3D view selection, as you can add more things to selection in text (but not the opposite).
As one of the purpose of text view is to manage stepping, I think it would be nice to somehow highlight in text view the current step as shown in 3D (and update that field in 3D view if more 0 STEP are added or deleted in text). Another concern is ROTSTEP meta - how to make this convenient?

The detachable bins look great too - Beeing able to overlap them partially to keep consumed screen area down looks interesting (but needs to be tested to see if it's pactical Wink
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