Smoothing and BFC problems in LDview

Re: Smoothing and BFC problems in LDview
Hi Mikkel,
Nice to see a new part author!
As for the LDView/smoothing issue, I think that the problem you have is that the file MUST have a valid part type to trigger LDView smoothing:
0 !LDRAW_ORG Unofficial_Part
Subpart type doesn't trigger smoothing directly either, except if they are called by a part.

Your BFC problem is probably similar, you must have a "0 BFC CERTIFY CCW" statement in your file header to see direct/inverted triangles and quads (primitives "carry on" their own BFC statement and are seen green/red even if the file that calls them has no BFC statement). Not sure what you mean with "The same happens when I export a part as primitives in MLCAD"

Not sure either what's your LDPC problem, can you post the .lpc here?
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