Smoothing and BFC problems in LDview

Smoothing and BFC problems in LDview
I am (sort of) new to parts authoring and I've been trying to learn what there is to know about making parts for ldraw. I can't seem to make curves and rounded objects to look smooth in LDview. I have read alot about how edge lines and conditional/optional lines work, and I have successfully made them with Edger2 through LETGUI. I assumed (for what I read from ) that LDview smoothes surfaces with condlines automatically, but since I can see that there are condlines and LDview doesn't smooth the surface I guess I was wrong? They only make an outline.

Another question I have, when I make quads and triangles in MLCAD they won't be coloured green/red when I press the BFC button in LDview. The same happens when I export a part as primitives in MLCAD. This has annoyed me for a long time.

Ps. If I import a DAT file that has been exported as primitives from MLCAD, as a template in LDPatternCreator, LDPC crashes when I export the patterned version.
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