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Re: LDCad 1.4b (twisted cables)
Philippe Hurbain Wrote:I recently generated a lot of RJ cables with LDCad and noticed that twisted cables didn't always looked nice. So I made a little experiment to see what happened.

The problem comes from rotation interpolation like you noticed it goes away when you limit the rotation difference between two control points to <180 degree. Other wise it will interpolate the other way around and or bumps into (protected) division by zero problems.

As for the rough segments you can fix that by decreasing the skin basesize (e.g. 100% instead of 400%) The default 400% translates into a minimal of 4ldu segment length which might be to big for short and or very twisted things.

If the twists are very tight it might also help to use a higher resolution donor file or fallback to astatic (LSYNTH like) placement configuration as things might not be worth the file size explosion vs quality win.

Philippe Hurbain Wrote:I remember Kevin Clague telling me that he had a hard time with torsion when he wrote LSynth...

I know what he mean I've had some headbanging moments my self Smile
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