LDCad 1.4b (win+linux)

Re: LDCad 1.4b Documentation incl (snap) metas
Thanks I'll add them to the default csl.

did notice the minifig hand (3820) stud being a bit off though Smile, it should be:

0 !LDCAD SNAP_CYL [ID=studC] [gender=M] [caps=one] [secs=R 6 7.35] [pos=0 -0.0005 -9.6816] [ori=1 0 0 0 0.9681 -0.2504 0 0.2504 0.9681]

Philippe Hurbain Wrote:Things that proved a bit harder than I initially expected:
- Restarting LDCad to be able to test a new definition is a bit painful. Maybe a "clear cache" option to force reload? (useless of course if reload time would be almost as long as restarting completely)

Yes, I usually work in batches minimizing the need to restart, but with the more complicated parts now left it becomes a problem. This is the main reason I'm working on file reloading when changes are detected for LDraw files (and probably most of the other files like part bin groups etc).

Philippe Hurbain Wrote:- I initially expected to be able to derive things more or less directly from LDraw part source, but connectivity cylinder extend at the opposite of LDraw cylinder, and orientation matrix needs to be normalized, both issues making things more difficult (especially the first one, annoying for a "directionnally challenged" guy like me Wink - What about giving the possibility to specify a negative lenth to compensate?

I haven't had to do much normalizing so far but with the more complicated parts left without info this too becomes a time bottleneck. For this reason 1.5 will be able to edit the snap info inside the editor itself so you can use the normal editing tools and some new ones (like normalize) and more importantly see what you are doing Smile.

Normalizing the matrix isn't too hard though just tread the 9 ori numbers like 3 vectors and normalize those.
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