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Philippe Hurbain Wrote:No problem, now completed without further problems. Again the flex part creation made wonders for string and tracks!!!
No thanks,

Minor detail I downloaded the model and noticed the spring meshes are listed in the mpd content group (So LDCad does not consider them maintained LDraw code). This is because MPDCenter changed the model names but as it is not aware of the LDCad meta's it did not update the connection between the shock part and its spring sub part. As a result you will end up with duplicate spring meshes the next time you save the model after spring regeneration.

You can prevent that by changing the spring part names inside LDCad before running MPDCenter. Or update the link by hand after MPDCenter has been run look for lines like:

0 !LDCAD GENERATED [generator=LDCad 1.4b] [master=shock-06_5L-soft-2.ldr]

And update the master part to the new name "42038 - shock-06_5L-soft-2.ldr" in this case.
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