LDCad 1.4b (win+linux)

Re: LDCad 1.4b (win+linux)
Angles, angles everywhere...
- Is there a way in LDCad to get the angle you must rotate a part with some offset between ends (typically a shock absorber in a suspension)? Nothing fancy of course since it is simply (**) arcsin(offset/length)
- it would be nice to display (in selection property) the angle of a part (selection) in working plane
- What about having a stepless rotation mode with part snapping enabled?

(**) Maybe not so simply after all...
Shock length is 110 ldu, offset is 20ldu, giving an angle of 10.47°. I select the shock, press O to get local orientation, then enter value in rotation tool. Visually, it's too far away, and when I check the angle using selection info, I read 13.18°. What happens???

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