Generate LDCad parts bin custom list.

Re: Generate LDCad parts bin custom list.
Merlijn Wissink Wrote:We don't have any repositories for .xml inventories, .bsx inventories or whatever other format because it's all the same; just another format with the same data.

With the right program, it's as easy as choosing a set and pressing a button to get a .pbg file. We don't need a repository for that imho.
If only Big Grin
There are XML repositories (like Bricklink and ReBrickable), but the conversion process is far from "easy".

Philippe Hurbain Wrote:I agree that a good export function from any inventory website would be much better! Remains the problem of matching database nomenclature between both systems (LDraw vs. inventory website)
And that's exactly my point. There are a lot of mismatches, but that's not the only ting.
Yesterday I tried to create a .pbg file for the 45544-a EV3 Core set and I ran into a number of more or less important issues:
  • I tried both Bricklink and ReBrickable. Bricklink turned out to have the most complete information - there were more gaps in the LDraw conversion list with ReBrickable than with Bricklink
  • A considerable number of elements do not have any mapping to their LDraw counterparts. For the most part conversion is straightforward and the Bricklink number can be used adding .dat. However, you need to check case by case since it doesn't always work and sometimes there are surprising mismatches. (e.g. the 25cm EV3 wire is BL ID bb601, LDraw ID 11145.dat
  • Colours information is not reliable either. All the EV3 electronics were referenced as black when they are white and rubber elements were simple black, wires were black, but LDCad knows they are black and requires trans to be set for the connectors...
  • Colour assignment in brickutils is incomplete as it doesn't allow for rubber colours and gave me an error with metallic (256 became -1)
  • Not every part is really a part:
    Roland Melkert Wrote:You can add templates to pbg's too
    This of course also requires tweaking the set. Many Technic sets would benefit from having templates included rather than a part reference to e.g. a Power Functions motor.
  • Ultimately, it would be really cool of LDCad included a feature that allowed for easy access to single set element sets. Not by manually modifying some files in the %appdata% directory, but through a menu in the interface. Imagine the option to load or add a set from a menu so the set is displayed under root/sets/<setnumber>. To make this accessible to the average user (not simply those of us who like to play around with progam settings and are not scared of digging into configuration files) easy access to correctly formatted part lists for specific sets woud be an important asset.
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