Use of "LDraw" in the name of ldraw related programs.

shouldn't there be more in the logo?
Hello Jean-Philippe,
I'm looking forward to see your program appear,
however, I have some thoughts on the logo:

Currently, it only reads "LDraw", not "WebGLDraw", so I think it is a bit misleading.
It should be more easy for a viewer to recognize that this is not LDraw's logo, but instead WebGLDraw's one, IMHO.

However, using "WebGLDraw" might bring you into trouble with the WebGL folks,
because the two logos deal with the same technical subject and visually are very similar.

Thinking more of this, I would like to suggest you to pick some unique, own logo,
and not tie your tool's logo to the WebGL one.
WebGL is only a technology, so should you switch to some future one later,
you'll have to change your logo which is probably not what you want to do.

While I'm writing this, some more possible names for your tool come to my mind, I just drop them
here for inspiration

WebGL Viewer for LDraw
in similarity to LDView: WebGLView
or, simply because OpenGL, WebGL are just GL: GLView
LDraw WebViewer
LDraw WebView
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