How do you do an Ipod touch wallpaper

Re: How do you do an Ipod touch wallpaper
ah OK !

This is how I would do it:

Open a model with Ldview,

Go to "View" -> "Standard Sizes" -> "720 x 480" (same ratio as the ipod one)

Rotate your model to get the desired picture.

Go to "Tool" -> "Show Pov-Ray Camera Info". Click "OK"

Now the camera setting has been copied into Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V function.

Run L3P-Add on, open the .pov with Pov-Ray.

Now delete the entire "Camera" (at the bottom of the file), and replace it by what has been copied from Ldview (Ctrl+V).

Don't forget to change the "#declare ASPECT = 4/3;" to "#declare ASPECT = 3/2;" in the camera settings.

Finally you need to add the required format (480 x 320) to able Pov-Ray to handle it.

This can be done by going to "Option" -> "Edit Resolution INI file"
and by adding the following at the end of the file:

[480x320, AA 0.3]

Hope this help!
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