BFC of mirrored parts?

BFC of mirrored parts?
In the list of Non-BFC'd parts there is a lot of parts that only need a correct BFC statement.
Parts like physical coloured shortcuts or mirrored versions of a design (left/right).

Two of the Technic Panels Farings, 32189 and 32535, have been fixed, but we also need to add a BFC statement to the mirrored parts, 32188 and 32534. All that is needed is to add " 0 BFC CERTIFY CCW " to them, (and change from Part to Unofficial_Part).

Many files was caught in Rolands libfix update, and are now at the PT, but all the mirrored parts are still left behind in the official library and needs to be sent to Admin for recycling.

Is there a way to find them and/or correct them automagically?
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