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(2018-04-19, 16:58)Orion Pobursky Wrote:
(2018-04-18, 12:24)karen lauro Wrote: Are you still looking for this? I could do a mobile-friendly Bootstrap 4 card version with engaging graphics. 

I want to engage in model design, but learning the tools necessary to make the models I desire take more time than I have. Basically making new parts with stickers, as in the Friends line. We have the actual Lego models, so going from physical to virtual.

I'm not sure how well Bootstrap (I've never worked or even heard of it) would integrate with the myBB theme engine. You're welcome to create a preview mockup and we can see how the code will fit in.

Bootstrap 4 is the most popular responsive mobile-ready web framework. It links to the url's you provide. It would be a graphical front-end, that would go as deep as you wanted. Could be just the initial navigation or go all the way to be the interface to the server. What did you have in mind? I will start with the min of initial navigation and upload screenshots, probably sometime next week.
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