I need a fast and frugal renderer

Re: I need a fast and frugal renderer
I used another model, the red pickup truck from Datsville (68 parts), as a benchmark.
It took 0.015 seconds to load and render with L3Lab.
LDView does not provide that information AFAK (Niether soes LDCad), but the fps rate is about 75 when in spin.
Once a large model is loaded, LDView is much faster than L3Lab to rotate it, since L3Lab basically reloads the model from scratch. (Yes, it does cache parts by default, but I don't see any real difference when I uncheck that option)

Now, setting a model to keep spinning is great fun to play with, but has no practical use IMO. Once a file is loaded, parsed and rendered, LDView is impressively fast to make it spin. But the important thing for me is the time it loads the first time, or when the model file has been changed, not how fast it can spin. And that's not made in 1/75 second. And, like I said many times before, the larger the model, the more dramatic the difference in loading time.

The bottom line is, I still need a good replacement for L3Lab, absolutely max 50% slower when it comes to loading models. I know I can't demand it from the LCad community, but it can't be that difficult to make for anyone who can make such impressive top-notch viewers when it comes to all the other values, like realism, shadows, zooming, rotating, and all the different ways of presenting the images, can it? And I'm surprised that it seems like I'm all alone wishing for that(?) I can understand the fascination of photo realism even though I'm not into it. LEGO parts and models form so very unrealistic representations of the real world anyway. But there must be somebody else in this world more than me who likes to build really large and complex models and find it unacceptably tedious to work with the current set of software tools?

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