Auto correcting (some) defects in the official library

Auto correcting (some) defects in the official library
Like mentioned in some of the other threads, the current official library suffers from a number of defects which can be corrected automatically but can be somewhat of a pain to new software trying to use the library.

It also has been suggested many times most of these errors can be fixed using an automated process.

So I did a quick hack in the LDCad 1.4 code to make it possible to save corrected .dat files back to disk, this resulted in about 116 corrected .dat files.

Only downside I noticed is the loss of some indenting (only for the corrected lines, as LDCad preserves unmodified line content).

I also noticed some minor mixed dos/unix line endings which are indirectly auto corrected for any file that needed rewriting.

This test includes only 'hour glass quad' corrections, but with some additional tweaks I can also auto correct:

case mismatches
non flat triangles
quad with duplicate point (degrade to triangle)
all zero row or col ref matrix
type 5 line with missing or duplicate control points (degrade to normal line)

Should I continue my tweaks, and compile a patch containing all changed files so someone else can double check and merge them into the part tracker?

If so which corrections are actually wanted, and or which additional correction would be needed/wanted.

ps: this topic might be better off in the part authoring forum, not really sure though, admins feel free to move it.
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