Introducing a second HL library?

Re: Introducing a second HL library?
IMHO we can do a further step ahead...

It is quite simple to do a converter DAT->XML and XML->DAT if we have a well-defined XML document definition, an XSD file that define tags, structure, types and limits/bounds for parameters (for non-developers).
Tags can be optional, have attributes, etc.
<dat type="official" ldrawid="3001.dat">
Brick 2x4
<author name="john smith" email="john@smith.somewhere.local" />
<kw name="brick" />
<kw name="original parts" />
<conn type="stud" base="x,y,z" vector="xv,yv,zv" offset="xo,yo,zo" />
<triangle v1="x,y,z" v2="x1,y1,z1" v3="x2,y2,z2" />
<ref color="4" part="stud.dat" place="x,y,z" matrix="a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h,i" />
<line type="edge" v1="x,y,z" v2="x1,y1,z1" />
<line v1="x,y,z" v2="x1,y1,z1" />
<quad argbcolor="a0ff00c0" normal="xn,yn,zn" v1="x,y,z" v2="x1,y1,z1" v3="x2,y2,z2"  v4="x3,y3,z3" />
<auxline .....

We can maintain a pure DAT library for backward compatibility and use new XML format for new/improved library. Parser will be really easy to do, and a converter XML->DAT will automatically add/update parts for old format.

As usual, this is brainstorming ;-)

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