Introducing a second HL library?

Re: Introducing a second library?

yes, I also think this is worth a second look. This is not the first time I think about such a thing.

But, I would love to see a new file format: Something like a mixture between standard LDraw and an extension of the .obj file format:
  • At first you have to define all needed vertices (optional with normals, uv-map, color, etc). I can imagine that it would also be possible to add new properties later (e.g. bone-weight, render information, etc).
  • With these vertices you can now define (via indices) lines, triangles, (quads, polygons,) optional lines, etc. Here it might be possible to add new properties later (render information, textures, etc), too.

But (without thinking long about it), I would try to keep the reference lines and primitives. I think this architecture is something that is perfect for a 3D LEGO file format. But you have to be consequent: when there is a cone primitive, you are not allowed to use it in a spherical area ;-). If you need something special you can still ‘inline’ the primitive.

The tools should only interpret that lines they are interested in. All other lines have to be ignored (not only the comments). By this it would be much easier to extent the format in the future.

With something like this it would be possible to create gradient brushes
[Image: opentk_test2.JPG]
and texturing would also be covered.

Just some of my thoughts…

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