Do we need another LDraw building program?

Re: Do we need another LDraw building program?
Hi Christopher,

BrickSmith is a Mac-native LDraw client:

It's open source (MIT/X11) license. Allen Smith is the founder/main developer; I got him to add me as a SF contributor and worked on the GL code a bit. I haven't heard from Allen in a while, but maybe what I'm about to say will rouse him. :-)

1. you can contribute to BrickSmith...Allen, as project founder, has some specific ideas for what he does and doesn't want in the project. If you find that what you want to do is not the same as what he wants, I suppose you could also...
2. fork it and go to town. Not quite as good as keeping all oars pulling in the same direction, but you might want to go in a legitimately different direction, and SF says the code is MIT/X11, so it's yours.
3. create your own Mac editor, leveraging bits of BrickSmith (or any other open code you can find) to solve problems.

I believe that one of the Java editors is already forked off of BrickSmith - when I went to browse the code there was clearly a 'port' of the ObjC from BrickSmith into Java.

Anyway, ping me if you want more info (bsupnik at gmail) - I don't think we have a functioning dev list right now - at most we've had three developers at once, so it was just email. I'm also one of the guys who was kicking around connectivity ideas...I'm happy to share my notes or start a new thread. (I begged off the standards board due to a lack of time - with the second child I've been stretched pretty thin.)

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