Do we need another LDraw building program?

Re: Do we need another LDraw building program?
Hi all.

After some hesitation and a lot of work, I'm pleased to announce the first public beta for:
a LEGO builder in Java for LDraw part library.

Program is in beta and it is completed at 30-40%, so most functions are planned but absent in this release.

I use a connection database I built to allow "snapping" of parts when you move a brick near another. For some connection type program also align part with receiving part, so building winged or "snotted" model is not so difficult.

Connection database is in zip form and downloaded at first start. It is far from complete: it contains over 250 parts (decorated parts uses same connection of plain parts, so minifig torso is one part in connection database, but it is used for all 300 torso in library, so probably working parts are a lot more) and program is able to auto-detect connections for lots of parts (I checked 130 parts for now).

When connection does not work, you always fall back on "placing grid", a plane that use snap and orientation to place parts.

Program is on Sourceforge:
with manual (englisg, PDF).

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