Friends Figure Shortcuts?

Re: Friends Figure Shortcuts?
Quote:the more I feel the desire to have the full figures available as Shortcuts
the same way as the Fabuland figures we already have.
The more I progress with Friends figures, the more I agree with you... though we already have 90 Friends + 10 related Disney Princess listed on Bricklink!
Quote:If LEGO has unique IDs for the torso+arms and hips+legs assemblies,
we should also have these I as shortcuts I think.
I agree even more on this one. One problem, some of these shortcuts don't appear on Brickset/LEGO replacement parts so we are missing a few design IDs. What we do have from building instructions is the item number.
Quote:But we need not to do that now I think, let's finish the Friends first...
The task remains daunting to "finish" job: the relatively easy task is creating the remaining shapes (eg. the full length skirt* or the wrap around skirt but creating torso patterns is an enormous task. And many of them wrap around the torso, making them yet a bit more difficult to create, and we generally miss photographic data from back...
As for the shortcuts themselves... a collaboration with someone as we did for Fabuland would be greatly appreciated Wink
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