A 3/4-stud or not?

A 3/4-stud or not?

On many window and door frames there is a rather odd stud.

We usually make them without using a stud primitive, or need to make a very uniqe, specially designed stud.

I had to make eight files for 4209, in normal and low resolution. They all have to be different since there is a logo on top of each stud.

Due to the fact that we still need to fool MLCad, and have a lo-res version, (including a Moved to-primitive), to every new stud, the number of uniqe files have to be twelve for every new part with a small hole in the stud. A uniqe set of of primitives that hardly will be reused.

I would like to introduce a 3/4-stud instead.

A single set of primitives that could be reused in many of the parts above.
They will help connection seeking software and will place the logo in a correct position.
The small hole is to be added as a single, reusable, non-rotationally sensitive subfile (or primitive).

I've tried this set-up in LDView and MLCad. It works fine.
How will it work in LDCad, SR3D Builder or Bricksmith? Or in any other software with stud substitution ability?

How should I do with studs that have a hole that isn't fully placed in one of the quarters, but in between?

Do all the frames have a logo on top of the stud with a small hole?
I don't have all the frames, but I know that 4209 do have small holes and a logo, and that the two parts with square holes (60594 and 60598) doesn't.

If we ignore the logo, it is possible to use a single file and rotate the gap to were it needs to be.

So, three questions.
Should we continue in making new studs for each part?
Or should we replace them with this 3/4-stud?
Or could we ignore the logo, and simplify it to a single stud?
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