Rendering instructions, old-style

Rendering instructions, old-style
Greetings. :-)

This is my first post on these forums, so hello to you all. I'm about to start studying LDraw, SR 3D Builder, and everything else that I need to learn about, in order to produce custom Lego instructions. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that all these tools are going to work properly under Windows 8.1...

I have a sort of introductory question, as someone who is completely new to all this. I see that there are some very nice rendering tools to create instructions, but is there a particular tool among them that allows configurable old-style rendering? My definition of "old-style rendering" is:

- All studs with black sides regardless of the brick color
- Black pieces rendered in different shades of dark grey depending on the surface angle (like it's done in the official Blacktron and Blacktron II Lego instructions) except for tires where the surface color is pure black with white outlines.

As you can guess, I would like to create instructions that look "authentic" in an old-style kind of way. If not, I guess I'll have to make due without it... Sorry if that has been discussed before, although I did search for it and found nothing.

Thanks in advance for any tips and/or general information on this topic.
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