coding a quick inline process in .NET (visual basic)

coding a quick inline process in .NET (visual basic)
Hi Guys,
I hope the apps that I could provide in the past are helpful for your work.

Now I think I need help from your side, if you are a coder. Please note that I am only able to code in .NET (visual basic).

For some applications I need the inline procedure (f.e. grafics output). Because the code I currently have is up to 10 times (or more) slower than the code Philo uses for edger2, I like to know why and what I need to change.

I have stopped my development for a viewer, because it does not make sense to wait a minute to see a 2 x 4 Brick Sad.

I already tried to do this myself, but failed ever time. Now after about 2 years I think I ask the public.

So, if there is somebody who reads this and like to help, please let me know. We can discuss in this thread or by PM. I am open for every communication.

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