Fast Photoreal Rendering +++ UPDATE +++

Fast Photoreal Rendering +++ UPDATE +++

I am a pioneer in 3d animation and LEGO is the mother of all 3d. When I found LDRAW a long time ago on the internet I started to do some research with digital LEGO a long time before the LEGO movie. Due to my limited time as a company owner I just made some tests and that's it. Now I am testing with MODO and could unlock a new level of detail and realism which is worth to share. LDD2POVRAY is a nice toy but not really useable for more complex stuff like handling bigger scenes with animation, simulation, effects etc. And it's far too slow. The actual result looks quite promising. I need to find a way to get the LEGO logo on the studs. Unfortunately the replacements for stud.dat and stud2.dat are broken and give not the geometry shown in the pictures:

The fun part is now that I can import everything coming from LeoCAD or MLCad and setup the materials and shading in 15+ minutes to get this quality. A rendering of this Snowspeeder in HD will take around 4-5 minutes on my 12 core DELL. I wished LEGO would allow an export from LDD. I will update this thread with more results. Have fun.

[Image: 7130_Snowspeeder_002.jpg]

[Image: 7130_Snowspeeder_003.jpg]

[Image: 7130_Snowspeeder_004.jpg]


UPDATE +++ Studs with LEGO logo

[Image: 7130_Snowspeeder_v05b_Camera_04.jpg]

And here's a result where you see the missing panel in the cockpit now. The panel picture is modeled with MLCad I think and not based on a .dat model. Therefore the python script couldn't convert it. But in MLCad you can export in primitives and then you get the complete model but no separate bricks anymore. And this causes again problems with the rounding shader, low-res studs only as you can see and that's not the model I want to have. So I need to do more investigation and talk to the dev team of that LDR importer to fix this for the future.

[Image: 7130_Snowspeeder_Complete_v03_Camera_05.jpg]

4K Rendering with materials from the Peeron Color List. I made intense tests with hi-res studs and bevels I created with Primitiv Generator 2 but the results are the same when I start to adjust the LEGO logo and edges with the rounded edge feature. And the geometry will be much higher. The Peeron RGB colors are looking good. You need to click again on the picture to scale it to full 4K.

[Image: 7130_Snowspeeder_Normal_Studs_v03c_LEGO_RGB_Wide_4K.jpg]

And another test with a Technic model. I fixed some missing parts but still some bended hose is missing.

[Image: 8070_Technic_Car_v07c_4K.jpg]

The ultimate renderstresstest with over 5.000 bricks what will take full 32 GB of RAM and patience. Check out the 8K version with impressive details:

[Image: 10179_Millennium_Falcon_UCS_v03_Front_8K.jpg]

[Image: 10179_Millennium_Falcon_UCS_v03_Back_8K.jpg]

Another test with the great 10019 set. I wished it were based on the original LEGO CAD data from Billund incl. labels *:-)

[Image: 10019_Rebel_Blockade_Runner_v01_Front_8K.jpg]

[Image: 10019_Rebel_Blockade_Runner_v01_Back_8K.jpg]
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