Proposal to change points of origin

Re: Proposal to change points of origin
Hi Steffen,

I agree, re: insertion points - the "related part" dictionary (in the next BrickSmith release when it ships) solves this by providing the relative relationships for _pairs_ of parts...this is more useful than a set of insertion points because BrickSmith knows which one you need for a new insertion based on the current selection.

I find the rotation center meta to be useful because some parts have natural rotation but aren't naturally centered around the rotation axis - for example, 1x2 hinges. (A fully general connectivity scheme would 'solve' this, but fully general connectivity is a lot more expensive to implement than a meta command that provides the natural rotation point.)

But my meta-point here is that we can add additional point data, and whether it's a good idea depends on the meaning of the data being captured and perhaps its intended use.

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