How to solve errror in LDView?

Re: How to solve errror in LDView?
You stated that all your part files were in a Bricksmith folder. I'm sorry, but I find it unbelievable for you to state that in one post, and then in a lower post say you've never run Bricksmith, and yet expect people to actually be able to help you.

First, verify that LDView is set to automatically check for missing parts (Updates tab of LDView's preferences). I don't know if the parts you're having problems with are unofficial or not.

Next, download the latest from and extract it somewhere in your home folder, where you know that you will have full write access. Next, point any LDraw-based software you use at the newly created LDraw folder. If LDView claims that you are up-to-date, yet you're getting these problems, that probably means that either your LDraw library is corrupt, or that LDView can't write to your LDraw folder, so its automatic download of unofficial parts is failing. Either way, downloading a clean LDraw library, and storing it in your home folder should fix the problem.
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