James Jessiman Memorial Award for 2013 awarded to Magnus Forsberg

Re: James Jessiman Memorial Award for 2013 awarded to Magnus Forsberg

I feel that I must at least try to write some sort of intruduction here.

I was born in January 1964 and turned 50 in the week prior to the announcement of this award. What a week. I work and live in Södertälje, 35 km south of Stockholm. Today I work as a test vehicle coordinator at Scania Technical Center. There is a very strong, but not obvious, connection between Scania trucks and LEGO. Both companies stand very strongly on the idea of modularization. Think for a minute about the fact that every new Scania truck you have seen during the last twenty years, all have an identical windscreen, regardless of the size or shape of the cab.

I enjoy listening to progressive metal, like Dream Theater or Arjen Lucassen, or spanish/hispanic music, like Los Lobos.
Ich verstehe deutch, aber nur ein bisschen, und, no hablo español, pero comprendo un poco.

My first set was probably the towtruck 372. I remember it very strongly. I have a younger brother and remember us building cars and houses on the floor in his room way up in my upper teens. I came out of my dark ages when I found a 8458 Silver Champion in the local toystore, at half the original price. It still stands inside my livingroom table.

I found LDraw after reading about the TLG reaction to the fact that LDD had been hacked, and that they didn't object.
I started tinkering with the pallettes and the translation file ldraw.xml, but soon decided to learn how to make all the missing parts that wasn't found in LDraw. I have no programming skills, but have always been very curious on how things work.

As an employee, working in research and development for more than 20 years now, I'm quite used to things beeing almost finished, but I have also learned that I should never be satisfied, and allways strive to learn something new, and that things can allways be made better. After all, you never fail untill you stop trying, and only dead fish follow the stream. ;-)


I can't figure out how to add a page to the wiki, and it would be OK if someone wanted to move this text to that place.
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