Perfect vs. Available Parts

Perfect vs. Available Parts
This morning I looked through the files that are on hold on the PT.

My personal opinion on releasing parts is - good enough! - because of the following reasons.
1) Very seldom a part is visible in a picture in a close-up. So tiny errors are not visible.
2) If the parts are on the PT they are used - so they can't be that bad.
3) If I need a part and it is not in the library I am disappointed. If that occure too often i lost interest.

What is good enough!
1) Connectivity portions needs to be on the right place.
2) The origin is placed according our agreements.
3) The parts shape follows the visual appearance of the real part.

What should not be a reason not to cert?
1) T-Junction on flat surfaces.
2) Overlapping flat surfaces on opaque parts
3) Missing of some condlines that do not affect the overall appearance.

So do not wonder if I cert a part where you say - so many errors in the file.

I hope lot of you can follow my thoughts and on second iteration on the PT we can make the parts perfect. Smile
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