How to add rubber belt to a model

How to add rubber belt to a model
I’m making a model in MLCad (3.40 if that would matter) and I need a rubber belt in it.

It is just a simple use: a Technic bush 1/2 (#4365a) placed on an old 9V motor (#2838c01) and connected with a belt to Technic wedge belt wheel (#4185) directly above it. And I find it really difficult to get the position and size right.

I found here thread titled “Rubber bands” in which most important (for me) was another link to page “Modeling rubber belts”. The page indeed helped by providing radius of the Technic parts so now at least I knew what to enter for “R1” and “R2” in “Rubber Belt Generator”.

But how should I know what the dimensions (“X” and “Y”) are? Luckily X is 0 in my case. But the other? How do I know on which height an axle/hole is within Technic brick? How do I know on which height motor axle is placed? I guess that to the difference between centers of those axles I should also add both radius to have the height?

Then after solving that how do I know on which position to place that rubber belt so that it aligns well with the Technic parts?

Is there any software to just point two parts (likely limited to some small set of supported parts) and have a rubber belt connecting them generated?

What I find disturbing is that this is entered not as a “Part” but “Belt”. Is it something specific for MLCad? Will other software be able to “understand” that?

Are there any “predefined” values (in particular for rubber belt thickness) of the “standard” LEGO rubber belts like K3 and so on?

And since I’m already here I expect to have similar questions about pneumatics and electrical cables. Any solutions here?
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