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Re: 4.5V train point PART SCAN or PHOTO requested
I could get and test 9 pieces of blue 4.5V train points (5 left / 4 right) and 4 gray ones (2 left / 2 right). Most of them were strong used or slightly damaged so it is not a bad thing that some of them have broken during removing the movable parts.


- All gray points are of type B and slotted
- Alll blue points are tapered and only two of them (1 left / 1 right) are of type A
- Checked (measured) the two type A points - all parts are identical with the official points in the Part Library
- Sleepers of type B (952b, 953b) are correct designed, what I can see (measured as good as possible)

- The movable parts 950a/b (rail switches) have a remarkable different designed rotation mechanism:
- For type B the "round plate with hole" is missing,
- the rotation point has moved to "the edge" of the rail switch where one can find a similar pin (diameter 2 mm, hight 2 mm)
- the small pin attached to the sleepers (rotation point of type A) is still there, without any function now
- Please have a look to the following sketch

Hope this will give an answer to your questions. But please take into account: From just a few test objects there is no way to deduce the set of all points ever produced ...
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