put the linux make-list bash script in complete.zip

put the linux make-list bash script in complete.zip
I decided to spend a few minutes today with ldraw to see how fantastic all the latest stuff is.  Since I tend to use linux these days I started with the linux getting started instructions.  Almost right away I hit a small snag.  The link to make-list didn't work.  Instead I got a 404 error.  But oddly, once I'd navigated there manually from the github project page the link from the ldraw wiki did work.  However that got me thinking.  The complete.zip file contains an ancient Windows mklink.exe executable and a small zip file with the C source code.  Why not also include the make-link bash script inside the complete.zip file?  It's tiny, so space is not an issue, and it would solve the problem with unreliable links on the internet.
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