lego ldraw drawing needed

lego ldraw drawing needed
i need a ldraw made for me of a lego ship landing pad (for this ship i made)
need it to be a ground level landing pad (in grey and yellow) with 2 light towers on one side (just one side). would need the pad to be 44 studs long by 20 studs wide. would need the pad to have along the edges (in grey) this:
in the inside of the pad, would need grey and yellow flat tiles.
been building lego for years and now am getting into ldraw. i will buy the bricks i need at brickfair and online. would like to know before i buy them what the pad will look like (and maybe now how many pieces i need)
ps it is possible for someone to make some instructions of my ship to
again need to know how many piece i need to buy before i build it.
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