Part Length in LPub

Part Length in LPub

I am new here in this forum, an so first of all, hello to all.
I already use the search function, but i don´t find a right answer.

Have anyone an idea, how to show the part length from "Technic Flex Hoses" in the BOM of LPub?
The length of axles, beams,... is shown automatically, but not the length of the hoses.


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Re: Part Length in LPub
Welcome here, Johann!
Unfortunately there is no simple way to add parts length to LPub for parts that doesn't support it: it's defined by compilation in LPub executable Sad
So apart from trying to make changes to the source and recompile the whole thing, the only trick I found was to temporarily change description of parts for which I need to show length, and name them to another part that does show length. Eg. here change "Technic Axle Flexible 19" into "Technic Axle 19". To do that you need to change the 1st line in 32235.dat file in your LDraw\Parts folder.
Re: Part Length in LPub
Hello Philippe

Thank you for the very fast answer.
This method works fine. :-)
I copied all flex hose files i need and rename it to xxxxxpn.dat. (pn for pneumatic)
So I don´t lose the original files.
Then I changed the first line in the new part files like you have wrote. For example: Technic axle 24 pneu(240LDU)
So I can distinguish the parts after import in MLCad in the part tree and know automatically that this is a Flex hose.
The genius of this method, you can produce any length specification.

Kind regards

Who finds spelling errors may keep them. ;-)
If nothing goes right, go left.
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