LDCad 1.2 (win+linux)

LDCad 1.2 (win+linux)
Hello All,

After four weeks of testing and bug fixing I've decided to release the definitive 1.2 version of LDCad.

Major 1.2 features (still) are
  • Flexible parts
  • Template system
  • Nested editing
  • (recursive) Grouping

Some minor 1.2 features:
  • Smoothing of parts
  • Up to 30% increase of rendering performance.
  • Material depended rendering (metal, rubber etc) (*)
  • Automatic editing plane (*)
  • Extended search part bin filter options (*)
  • Building book like parts in step/model overview part bin groups (*)
*) new over the beta 1 version.

You can also keep an eye on my LDCad youtube channel playlist. It features tutorial and demonstrations, I will try to add clips to it now and then. If you would like something demonstrated etc just ask.

You'll find all available versions at the usual place:
LDCad home page

Any questions and suggestions are welcome.

Some screenshots:

[Image: 1-2-ForumScrShot.png]

This is the huge 5571 model (1700 parts). It's one of my favorite LEGO models ever, you'll find it in the examples folder of the 1.2 version.

I also wanted to include this model:

[Image: 8868pre2.png]

But it's kinda huge filesize wise (8MB) and also I'm not completely happy with the current electric wire parts so I decided to wait until a better version of it is released in the next LDraw update. It also needs two rubber bands, something LDCad 1.3 will be able to take care of.

It being so huge is the result of it having 25 pneumatic hoses, and an electric wire Smile

[Image: 8868pre1.png]
[Image: 8868pre3.png]
Question for Linux users (was LDCad 1.2...)
I discovered an issue which could be very annoying and was wondering if any other Linux users have had the same issue on other distro's.

The issue concerns VERY slow loading of LDraw files. This is caused by the timestamps of the LDraw library folders (which seem to be stored in the complete.zip using zero date stamps)

As far I know most of the time those dates are set to today in such a case, but it seems (at least) Kubuntu 13.10 's file manager uses it literally which messes with the library change detection mechanism in LDCad.

So before I figure out a fix/workaround for this problem I would like to know if any current Linux users are experiencing the same problem?

Edit: never mind I've found a suitable solution and applied it in 1.2a
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