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[MLCad] MLCad grp file - Orion Pobursky - 2011-09-23

Over the years that I used MLCad, before I switched to OSX and the very awesome Favorites list in Bricksmith, I customized my .grp file to group parts a little more specifically to avoid hunting around in the "Other" group. I've attached that file in the hopes that someone will find it useful.

Re: [MLCad] MLCad grp file - Jason Smith - 2011-09-24

Oh my goodness, that is excellent. That "other" folder has always driven me crazy, thank you so much for sharing.

Re: [MLCad] MLCad grp file - James Wadsworth - 2011-09-24

This looks great. One question, how will this handle new parts that I add in (to be honest, I don't know how MLcad handled the new parts previously, so this might be a moot question)?

Re: [MLCad] MLCad grp file - Jason Smith - 2011-09-24

From looking at the parts tree it seems as though all the search strings have been entered. I'm guessing any new part if named correctly should just fall into place.

Re: [MLCad] MLCad grp file - Orion Pobursky - 2011-09-25

All the .grp file does is tell MLCad how to sort the existing parts. If you add new parts, they'll just fall into place based on the sorting rules.

Re: [MLCad] MLCad grp file - Orion Pobursky - 2011-09-25

Of course, now that my knowledge of the format of this file has expanded, maybe, when I have some free time away from my other 1000 LDraw projects, I should go back and update this file to be even better...