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Re: Problems with Windows 8 - Michael Heidemann - 2013-09-24

Thanks Travis for stepping in here. My Win 8 also has the option for all exe files.

Re: Problems with Windows 8 - Travis Cobbs - 2013-09-24

It occurred to me that the "Run as administrator" option may go away if you completely disable UAC, since it's pointless in that setup. It's visible even then in Windows 7; I'm not sure about Windows 8.

Re: Problems with Windows 8 - warwick holden - 2013-10-16

Thanks for all your replies, and sorry for the long silence (have been very busy lately - with non LEGO projects!). Everybody who has replied about "execute as administrator" for .exe files - are you using a Sony Vaio computer?? I have discovered that Sony has made a LOT of specialised changes to the system! Wish I had known this before I bought the laptop!! I have managed to install POV-Ray - to its default location when I click on "install"! Now, how do I link to to the LDraw files??

Re: Problems with Windows 8 - Max Martin Richter - 2013-10-16

You have to generate the POV-Files by LDView or something else, then you can open the .pov files with POV-Ray...

To turn off all the Vaio stuff, you should try to make a clean installation of your OS. Try to get a clean copy of windows and reinstall your complete machine. (Note: be sure to make a backup of all your files before, Note2: You are doing this on your own risk ;-) )


Problems with Windows 8 #2 - asher-spragg - 2014-05-12

hi there,

I have just recently installed LDraw on my windows 8 laptop. When the download had finished,
it only installed the following programmes:
MLcad 3.4
SR 3D Builder
LDview 4.1
LDGlite 1.2.5
sticker generator 3.1
and LDFind
LDraw had not turned up and I was a little worried.
Do you know what is wrong? and what I can do to fix it?


Re: Problems with Windows 8 #2 - Travis Cobbs - 2014-05-12

I'm not entirely sure I understand your question, but I think you're expecting an "LDraw" program to be on your computer. LDraw isn't really a program any more. In fact, the original DOS programs won't even run on 64-bit Windows versions (which are the norm now). "LDraw" is the parts library used by all the LDraw-based programs. You would use MLCad, LeoCAD, or SR 3D Builder to create LDraw models.

Re: Problems with Windows 8 #2 - asher-spragg - 2014-05-12


Yes I was expecting just one folder titled 'LDraw' but I didn't know you couldn't get one untill you said.

thanks again,