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s/55706s01.dat - Remco Canten - 2013-08-11

i noticed that part s\55706s01 is on the PT for quite some time.
last entry: At Tue Jun 30 21:20:02 2009, the following review was posted:

if its alright with (mikeheide) i could do the remodelling.
i have looked it over and there are more then 60 gaps.
give or take about a month of work. ;-)

Re: s/55706s01.dat - Santeri Piippo - 2013-08-11

I think Philo's Unificator could deal with the job in less than a month. :p

Re: s/55706s01.dat - Remco Canten - 2013-08-11

how come it has been on the PT for so many years if you could do it in such short time?

Re: s/55706s01.dat - Jude Parrill - 2013-08-12

The part authors, particularly Philo, actually create and edit a LOT of the parts around here (Just recently he authored about 100 or so parts, subparts, and primitives related to the new sensors/programming parts). However, there is a lot to do, and sadly, a lot of parts sometimes get forgotten at the bottom of the parts list.

If you have a particular need for the part, and if you ask nicely, Philo might be willing to help you out. Just remember he does in his spare time and recieves no compensation for it, just like everybody else around here.

Take heart, though, as things are getting better around here. Take a look at the history graph and you'll notice that the backlog has steadily decreased over the last 5 or more years

Re: s/55706s01.dat - Remco Canten - 2013-08-12

well i don't need the part but was looking in the forgotten section.
i thought this could be something for me to put my teeth in.
so that's why i put in the question to Mikeheide if it was alright for me to
take a look at the subpart.

but then again if my quest for (making an part) is already dead, because (John is so good at it, or Jack has an program for it)
then i might as well resign with the authoring stuff and delete al the programs i recently downloaded for me to try getting
a hang of it. This way i can never learn or put something in the community.
Just because someone else is better. and im just the newbie. (willing to learn and grow in all this (jungle of information).

I hope that i can still do something and not to withhold my actions.

Re: s/55706s01.dat - Tim Gould - 2013-08-12

New part authors are definitely something we want and need so please do continue in this quest.

In this case, the part might be a good chance for you to try out some of the tools you downloaded Smile Maybe see what you can do with unificator and some text editing and I'm sure people will help out. I strongly advise to learn how to use Philo's tools as you go along. They make life easier for everyone (especially Philo, hence his part count) and are really useful.

In answer to your question above: Sometimes parts really do get forgotten. Or no-one cares enough about them to fix problems. Or people get busy. But any part that has sat unedited for four years should be considered totally free for fixing Smile


Re: s/55706s01.dat - Max Martin Richter - 2013-08-12

Remco don't worry about such problems.
You should try a to build a simple part or take a "simple" one from our official library, where you feel, that could be done in a better way. We have many parts with a "needs work" statement for example...
Of course it's up to you. You can take every other complex part, that's not in our library, too. Feel free to do so. Everything will improve your skills.

I started authoring a couple of years ago and did everything by hand. That costs so much time, that I'm very happy, that some tools exist. Just download them, give them a try and use these programs if needed. I use very very often rectifier, intersector, isecalc, edger2 and unificator when I create parts.
And be sure, that nobody will mock you, if you did something wrong.
But yes sometimes our comments are very short and we don't write everytime: "thanks and well done" for every part. But if a part gets a cert-vote it's the same and when it get's a cert vote without any discussion before it's the best case that could happen.

So... - happy building!


Re: s/55706s01.dat - Remco Canten - 2013-08-12

But there comes the problem, the easy ones are put on the PT before i could build and submit it.
Hence the trick for me to find an easy part. And therefor i asked mike to be ok if i could overtake the part he
submitted initially. There is no list of missing parts.

Max Martin Richter Wrote:"take a simple" one from our official library, where you feel, that could be done in a better way. We have many parts with a "needs work" statement for example.../Max

And how do i find a simple one or needs work part?

p.s. the unificator program i can't get it to do anything, even downoaded LETGUI and some need2have tools(Isecalc, Rectifier and Planarcheck). but still nothing comes out.

better for me to use MLcad and manualy change positions of all the quads and triangles.

Re: s/55706s01.dat - Max Martin Richter - 2013-08-13

Well, this was a problem, which I had in the beginning too.
I see missing parts mostly while rebuilding official models. And parts that needs attention have a "needs work" statement in their description (You can see this in MLCad for example).
A simple part - that depends on you, what's simple. For me it would be part with a lot of rectangular faces (and only 1-4, 2-4, 3-4 and 4-4 curves.
I'm sure, that you will find something.

The Unificator program. I hope, you read the description on Philo's webpage?
Personally I don't like the LETGUI so much an therefore I created simple batch files for the programs.
For example my unificator.bat:
@echo off
Unificator -s -l d:\ldraw a.dat b.dat
You have to specify your LDraw base path, if it's different from d:\ldraw. a.dat is my file that will be unificated and b.dat is the result. In the last line it opens b.dat with my favorite program. (Normally I use LDDP for writing parts)


Re: s/55706s01.dat - Chris Dee - 2013-08-13

Remco Canten Wrote:And how do i find a simple one or needs work part?

Here is a list of parts in the official library that contain the text "needs work". Some will only have that tag because the inside, unseen, faces have only been guessed at.