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Missing 10884 (Finger Leaf) - Nicola - 2013-07-17

We have this design 30239, but 10884, which appeared in recent years, is missing.

They could be aliased with the "needs work" statement. They differ on the clip shape ahd thickness.

[Image: 4113210.jpg][Image: 6022936.jpg]

Re: Missing 10884 (Finger Leaf) - Mark Kennedy - 2013-07-17

How much do the two parts differ? If they are quit similar you may want to consider making a common subfile to be shared by both.

Re: Missing 10884 (Finger Leaf) - Nicola - 2013-07-17

i just have the 10884, but judgin from the pictures, they differ in the clip (the old one have the clip with a gap in the middle, thicker), and the leaf size (the new ones looks thicker).