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Authoring non-plastic Lego parts - Reuben Pearse - 2013-06-30

Hi everyone,

What is the plan for authoring non-plastic parts like cloaks and kilts?

I've noticed that there are more of these type of accessories appearing on models. See examples below:

Bye for now


Re: Authoring non-plastic Lego parts - Willy Tschager - 2013-06-30

Hi Reuben,

there is no plan at all except to just model them. There are already non-plastic parts in the library:

Canvas Wagon Cover with Crossed Cutlasses Pattern (Formed)

The only advice I might give it to model them formed.


Re: Authoring non-plastic Lego parts - Alex Taylor - 2013-07-02

I enquired of Chris about this some years ago, and his recommendation was that for something like this which could be deformed, the 'base' part should be modelled flat and the pre-formed part (or parts) be given the c01, c02, ... suffix.

Re: Authoring non-plastic Lego parts - Chris Dee - 2013-07-03

... and that is still how it should be done.