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Some Suggestions/Bugs MLCad - HanSolo - 2011-09-17

i've made in the last few weeks a list of bugs/suggestions for MLCad. Maybe there are few things, which are already corrected or possible, but I just didn't know. I hope I can help you with that:
  • The undo-function (Ctrl + Z) doesn't work for me!
  • Give the possibility to fix single parts on the grid, so that to move them (as long as not unfixed again) is not possible. It always happen to me, that i move some parts by accident, and especially when I put the "fine grid" on, it is very cumbersome to move the part back to position.
  • To handle the 3D-View is very complicated. The position should be changed, when using the mouse, only in two directions (like it is handled in LDView) or at least the possiblity should be given in the settings. In my opinion the third direction, which makes it possible to slope the view is practically of little use.
  • When putting new parts on to the grid from the parts-list, the new part should be orientated to the actual last part, which was placed. For example, it is also possible to place a part, by copying one from the grid or orientate the new part by a selected one on the grid. But when you put a new part from the list on to the grid, the position of the last part, which was copied or orientetated by selecting an other one is ignored. Instead the new part is given the same orientation of the last part, which also put directly from the parts-list on to the grid.
    So, if your last part was part is not exactly on the grid, because you rotated and it and it is in a sloping position, you always have to realign the new part, by editing the position manually, what is very time-consuming. Maybe there should also be a possibility to realign the new part with one click to standard-position.
  • Give the possibility, to select single parts in 3D-View, maybe by left double-clicking. Because it is often not possible to select a part by the other views (because other parts are in the way). This would make many things much easier!
  • Also give the possibilty to change the rotation-point of the 3D View by selecting a part.
  • If you use the scrollbars to align the view in the 3D-View and then use the mouse to rotate, the the view always jumps back starting position, so you have always to scroll again.
  • If no part is selected the arrow keys could be used, to scroll the view.
  • When selecting more than one part if is not possibile to select an other part, which is already in the range of selection but not already selected.
  • The parts in the parts-list could be grouped by model, because it the list is far too long (if you want to select brick 1x2 you have to scrol down brick 1x1, brick 1x1 with blue "0", brick 1x1 with blue "1", .... and hundreds of others.). At least there should be the possiblity in the settings.
  • simple search-strings should be allowed, when searching for parts
  • Sometimes the search-function (especially continue searching) doesn't work, even if the parts-list or parts-preview windows are selected.

I also have some questions Smile:
  • Is there a key to place a part in the Y-direction? (the arrowkeys are for X and Z)
  • How can i change the color of the parts in the parts-list?
  • What is the shortcut for dissolving a group?

Thank you for creating and developing MLCAD further!


Re: Some Suggestions/Bugs MLCad - Orion Pobursky - 2011-09-17

Hi, unfortunately, Micheal Lachmann, the creator of MLCad has seemed to have stop development of MLCad. I've been proved wrong on this before but this is what it seems. Which leads me to a related point: Micheal, if you are reading this, please, please please open the code to MLCad and pass the torch to someone who actively wants to improve this fine program.

> I also have some questions Smile:
  • >
  • Is there a key to place a part in the
    > Y-direction? (the arrowkeys are for X and Z)

    Y move: Shift + Up Arrow, Shift + Down Arrow.

  • How can i change the color of the parts in the
    > parts-list?

    It's in the options. I'm not sitting in front of my computer right now so I don't recall exactly where it is in the options but I'll post a follow up with instructions.

Re: Some Suggestions/Bugs MLCad - Philippe Hurbain - 2011-09-17

Is there a key to place a part in the
> Y-direction? (the arrowkeys are for X and Z)
Y move: Shift + Up Arrow, Shift + Down Arrow.
These shortcuts don't work for me! What do work are "Home" and "End" keys
> The undo-function (Ctrl + Z) doesn't work for me!
Undo was never implemented in MLCad!!! Save often...

Maybe you should have a look at SR3D builder... It does have a lot of advanced editing features.

Re: Some Suggestions/Bugs MLCad - Orion Pobursky - 2011-09-17

Hmm, you're right. My memory sucks. Teach me to post before I test.

On my machine, since it's a laptop with no "Home" and "End" keys, the shortcut seems to be Fn + Left Arrow, Fn + Right Arrow.

Some more short cuts:

For rotation: Ctrl + Arrow Keys or Home/End

To move the view in the view port: Shift + Left Click and Drag
To zoom in the view port: Shift + Right Click and Drag

To answer the other question:
To change the part preview color:
- Settings -> General -> Change...
- Select the Rendering tab
- Click on the colored box next to the word "Color" in Preview Options
- Select the color you want
- Click OK
- Click OK again

Re: Some Suggestions/Bugs MLCad - HanSolo - 2011-09-18

Thank you for your help! Smile
Ich hope Michael will develop the program further too.