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Please help to complet set 10224 (Town Hall) - Max Martin Richter - 2013-02-23

Hej guys,
I worked on 10224 from time to time.
At the moment it looks like this
[Image: 10224-12_zpsca586784.png]

The following parts (some with pattern) are missing and some of the needs a rework
  • 48729b (the b-version of this part)
  • 4218 (as mentioned in the other thread)
  • 4219 (as mentioned in the other thread)
  • 30089b (the new mold)
  • 4085d (The thick "open O" Clip version)
  • 61287p01 and
  • 61287p02 (in both cases the pattern on this part)
  • 3741c02 a shortcut with "upside down" flowers I wait for proxy upload...
  • 3846pXX the town hall pattern on this part
  • 3069bpXX the "new" keyboard pattern
  • 3068bpXX the monitor pattern

Minifg related parts:

Sorry, for this big list. I will try to rework do the flowers in the next days.


Re: 93552 -> 93562 - Rolf Osterthun - 2013-02-23

Hey Max,

Max Martin Richter Wrote:93552 note: either the part number of the brush or the Bricklink entry is wrong

referring to your note, I think the part number in Bricklink is wrong. Both Brickset and the LDD know this part as 93562.

I attached an uncleaned version converted from the LDD.


Re: 93552 -> 93562 - Max Martin Richter - 2013-02-23

Rolf, thanks for figuring out the right number.
Using the LDD parts is a good idea. I will have look for the other parts tomorrow.