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Adventurers - Stan Isachenko - 2013-02-22

[Image: 59344.jpg] [Image: 5934.png] [Image: 5934upu.png]

Re: Adventurers - Stan Isachenko - 2013-02-22

[Image: 59352.png] [Image: 5935.png] [Image: 5935island.png]

Re: Adventurers - Philippe Hurbain - 2013-02-22

Beautiful models and renders!!!

Re: Adventurers - Stan Isachenko - 2013-02-22


Re: Adventurers - Stan Isachenko - 2013-02-22

[Image: 5920island.png]

7410 - Jungle River - Philippe Hurbain - 2016-11-24

[Image: 7410.png]
Download MPD (OMR compliant)
Known errors: none
Done with LDCad 1.6 alpha 4

...this set (especially the boat) reminds me African Queen Wink

RE: Adventurers - Lasse Deleuran - 2019-08-16

(2013-02-22, 8:37)Stan Isachenko Wrote: [Image: 59344.jpg] [Image: 5934.png] [Image: 5934upu.png]
The OMR page showed that a pattern was missing. This pattern has been added now. I have made a version where unofficial files (the tracks and their sub files) have been included: https://brickhub.org/i/453

[Image: 453.png]

I have also added steps corresponding to the official building instructions. I hope this is alright.